CIBE President






Franck Sander has been President of CGB, Confédération Générale des Planteurs de Betteraves (French Sugar Beet Growers’ Association) since January 2019. He was elected as the president of CIBE and the CIBE BOard of Directors in 2021.

Aged, 41, the president cultivates 20ha of sugar beet in Alsace. The other mainstay of the farm is hops, a labor-intensive crop to which he is very attached. Alongside his crops, Franck Sander has developed the production of energy. He is trying to diversify the risks with several types of markets: cereals, beets, hops, but also electricity and methanization.

As a young farmer, he launched into photovoltaics and is now associated with 15 other farmers in a methanization unit.


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