CIBE Chair of the TRCC






Fredrik Larsson, born in 1972, is a member of Betodlarna (the Swedish Sugar Beet Growers’s Association) and member of the board of Nordic Beet Research (NBR) since 2011. He became chairman of NBR in 2018.
Fredrik Larsson runs a farm in cooperation with his neighbour in the South West corner of Sweden outside Trelleborg, cultivating sugar beet, wheat, barley, oilseed rape and grass seed on some 800 ha.
He was appointed Vice-President of CIBE Technical and Reception Control Committee (TRCC) in 2016 and became its President during the CIBE Board of Directors on 15 May 2018.
After studying agriculture at the Svalövs school of Agriculture in 1993, Fredrik Larsson went to the USA in 1995 as an exchange student within the MAST-program (a program dedicated to promoting mutual understanding and building long-term international relationships by organizing paid agriculture training and internships in the USA for non-U.S. citizens). He spent a total of 8 months at a grain and cattle farm in North Dakota and studied agricultural management for a few months at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis. In 1998, he graduated from the Swedish University of Agriculture and obtained a diploma as an Agricultural Technologist.
Fredrik Larsson is married to Susanne and they have a son.

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